After all, had been said and done about a SoundCloud account, it would be very saddening when you finally get a SoundCloud account and it automatically feels like you are the only invincible person making use of the application.

So many people have abandoned their SoundCloud accounts because they did not seem to get enough of what they were in search of, and so they decided to neglect the account. Unknown to them, there are different ways by which you can make your SoundCloud account up and running, to the extent that you get hundreds of followers on your profile every day.

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The truth is that people would not want to follow a boring account, neither would people follow a dormant account or an account that has no atom of excitement in it. Some people in the world today are very picky about their choice of music and the kind of people that they even follow online.

It all starts solely from the owner of the account, who is given the mandate to make sure that his or her account is running smoothly and very fine, in order to catch the attention of people in and out of the country.

There are different people online with different characteristics, putting all these in mind would help to make your account one of the most sought after on SoundCloud by real Soundcloud followers whom you do not even know. Soundcloud followers are essential for your growth! You need followers in order to grow your brand quickly.



Having a unique profile speaks well of you, and this entails having an eye-catching profile picture that would make people want to check out your profile and find out what you have to offer. If you have a common profile with a common picture on it, people would definitely skip past your profile and move on to the next one. That Soundcloud profile has definitely not satisfied followers interests.

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The kinds of music you listen to would need a hashtag that people can relate to. This would make it very easy to find your page on SoundCloud and soon you would get more followers than you ever expected.


They can be followers but not real followers, and for your account to be seen as one with active participation, you need real followers to follow you. You can buy Soundcloud followers from a select few.


When you are followed on SoundCloud, try to have the courtesy enough to follow back, when this happens, people are happy with you and would engage your page more. Some people have lost followers because they find it very hard to reciprocate follows on their SoundCloud accounts.


Stream the best of music and make use of the best hashtags for your genres.


Putting all these into consideration would go a long way to make sure that you have a page full of followers on your SoundCloud account.…

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SoundCloud is a big player among music streaming platforms and many artists are already taking advantage of the exciting platform to upload their audio files and get hundreds to thousands of listeners to download them.

There isn’t any doubt that SoundCloud is always a great platform to use but at times, you may encounter several problems while using the platform. You may observe that the quality of your track’s sound differs from how it was before you uploaded the track. Perhaps, the sound quality has reduced and you’re thinking something is wrong with the software or audio system of your device.

Quite frankly, this may have resulted from how SoundCloud compresses tracks after being uploaded to its database. If you’re uploading a file of 320kbps MP3, SoundCloud has a default compression technique that transcodes it into128kbps MP3. This is not really a good thing for some artists as the quality of their tracks’ sound tends to fall after upload.

While uploading a WAV file to SoundCloud, it’s understood that you want your listeners to enjoy a high-quality tune. It’s a good thing to boost the quality of your tune and it often tends to match your desire. However, in order to use less bandwidth, SoundCloud transcodes the WAV file into a compressed and lower format, typically 128kbps MP.

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If you’ve read SoundCloud’s response to this, you’ll easily recall that the music streaming platform urges its users to bear in mind that all tracks are being transcoded into the lower format of 128kbps MP3 for streaming playback. As a result of this, users should be aware that after uploading their tracks to the platform for download, there won’t be additional transcoding as people will be able to download the tracks in the actual format in which they were uploaded.

How Do You Fix This Problem?

Some artists might not love to experience this especially if they want high-quality tunes for their listeners. However, the good news is that you can correct this set-up by following some essential steps. To correct this set-up, you’ll have to upload your track in the format of 320kbps MP3. The reason for this is to ensure SoundCloud doesn’t compress the track.

You might be thinking about uploading your WAV file directly to SoundCloud but you wouldn’t have to do this just to avoid losing the quality of your track’s sound. If you upload your track in 360kbps, SoundCloud will still transcode it to 128kbps for listeners to stream but the good side is that the quality of the track’s sound will remain intact.

Steps to Convert Your WAV File

You may have other step-by-step methods for converting your WAV track but the simplest steps are explained below;

  • Insert your WAV track in iTunes
  • Tap ‘edit’ and then click ‘convert’
  • By default, the set-up is in AAC but you’ll have to change it to MP3