Soundcloud: How To Stand Out Above The Mass And Gain More Followers Of Your Music

Soundcloud is the exclusive social network for musicians. Musicians understand and respect the amount of time it takes to create a music track. Therefore, if a producer, for example, listens to your country music on SoundCloud, he will probably appreciate it and perhaps leave a comment watching your hard work. On YouTube, however, if someone does not like your song because it is not a style they like, they are very likely to put thumbs down, so I have to say that it is not the best reward after many hours of work.

Music is the goal; if youtube has 3 billion views a day, imagine how many videos are uploaded to the channels. Of those videos, only some have to do with music. People enter YouTube to watch videos of all types of entertainment, and music is just one of them. Soundcloud, however, has a purpose, and that is that your music is heard and for you to listen to the music of others. It is what it is made for.

Where are the greatest chances that your song will be shared by someone and run like wildfire on a social network? When someone favours a song in Soundcloud, it automatically places itself in a list for all the followers of the user who gave it to favourites. If any of these users have thousands of followers and if one of those people likes your song, you will get notoriety in their fans too. Although youtube also shows a source of likes, comments, etc. It is not at all as visible or efficient as the Soundcloud system.

The good thing about SoundCloud is the enormous critical mass of users – the bad thing is getting your head above it.

But calm down, we have some tricks to tell you …

We do not intend to tell you any lies, and that is that SoundCloud can be a very busy place in terms of users and creators. Under these conditions, how can you make your most humble musical themes stand out above the rest and get the attention they deserve?

Well, it happens that we have some excellent suggestions born from the heart of SoundCloud, and here we are to share them with you in favour of your artistic promotion. We start!

Make Sure You Have Your Profile Always Updated

  • Keep your profile picture updated, unless the ESO room school photo is the type you were looking for.
  • Use your top banner image as a call of what you are promoting at all times: Your new album, concert dates, a new theme … well, you know.
  • List your social media accounts and pages and contact information in your profile description.
  • Link the dates of your tour to sites like Songkick and Bandpage.
  • Highlight your main themes using the ‘Spotlight’ function (well, to take advantage of this you will need a SoundCloud Pro or Pro Unlimited account).

Explore SoundCloud statistics and learn about countries with more public, cities, websites that reproduce your songs and where your listeners are.

  • Study your statistics to get ideas of opportunities in radio, advertising of your brand, concerts and other alternatives. In this way, you will know better where to direct your efforts.
  • The data relating to the “main country” can be used by the new artists to reach a greater number of followers, perhaps by organizing a series of concerts.
  • And the “main city” data can be used as a lever for radio stations to play music from a new developing artist.
  • Your “best listeners” can be your digital street team, and they are vital to helping you promote contests and establish valuable contacts with fans.
  • The “best websites” are valid to evaluate your online reach as well as advertising plans.

Interact With People With Whom You Collaborate, As Well As Other Users

  • Follow the artists with whom you have worked on a theme. They are now your family. Get to know them!
  • Republic or do ‘Like’ in the tracks of other creators in which you appear. The feeling could become mutual.
  • Create playlists to help your fans know your catalogue and connect it with other artists you like.

Some Marketing Basics In Soundcloud

Use these ideas to start your own marketing campaign and expose your SoundCloud tracks in front of the widest possible audience.


Record an audio announcement about your concert, tour or new music releases, and upload it to your SoundCloud account. Be sure to encourage your fans to follow your profile to receive updates.


The statistics gathered by SoundCloud mean that you have a lot of detailed information about the fans who listen to your music with more dedication. Organize a contest that rewards with a certain gift to the follower that reproduces most of your songs on SoundCloud for a week. Make sure this prize is legitimate and can reach the winner.

Type Advances Teaser

Upload a preview of a theme and then replace the audio with the full version, when available. The reach and participation of the followers will remain on the original upload since you will only replace the audio.

Questions and Answers on Twitter / Ask me anything

Interact with fans on social networks and get ready to receive their questions. Then offer the answers in SoundCloud in the form of an audio recording.

Write Direct Messages To Fans Or Record Private Audio Tracks

Use the SoundCloud direct message feature to communicate with fans. And you can also use the comments in real-time on the tracks to get real sound cloud followers as a way to interact with your followers individually.

This quick technical post is part of a continuous series of tips and suggestions to help you promote yourself better as an artist, create a loyal audience, and make the most of your presence in SoundCloud and if you have any additional techniques that you would like to reflect here, write your comments below. Luck!…

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SoundCloud is a big player among music streaming platforms and many artists are already taking advantage of the exciting platform to upload their audio files and get hundreds to thousands of listeners to download them.

There isn’t any doubt that SoundCloud is always a great platform to use but at times, you may encounter several problems while using the platform. You may observe that the quality of your track’s sound differs from how it was before you uploaded the track. Perhaps, the sound quality has reduced and you’re thinking something is wrong with the software or audio system of your device.

Quite frankly, this may have resulted from how SoundCloud compresses tracks after being uploaded to its database. If you’re uploading a file of 320kbps MP3, SoundCloud has a default compression technique that transcodes it into128kbps MP3. This is not really a good thing for some artists as the quality of their tracks’ sound tends to fall after upload.

While uploading a WAV file to SoundCloud, it’s understood that you want your listeners to enjoy a high-quality tune. It’s a good thing to boost the quality of your tune and it often tends to match your desire. However, in order to use less bandwidth, SoundCloud transcodes the WAV file into a compressed and lower format, typically 128kbps MP.

soundcloud artists

If you’ve read SoundCloud’s response to this, you’ll easily recall that the music streaming platform urges its users to bear in mind that all tracks are being transcoded into the lower format of 128kbps MP3 for streaming playback. As a result of this, users should be aware that after uploading their tracks to the platform for download, there won’t be additional transcoding as people will be able to download the tracks in the actual format in which they were uploaded.

How Do You Fix This Problem?

Some artists might not love to experience this especially if they want high-quality tunes for their listeners. However, the good news is that you can correct this set-up by following some essential steps. To correct this set-up, you’ll have to upload your track in the format of 320kbps MP3. The reason for this is to ensure SoundCloud doesn’t compress the track.

You might be thinking about uploading your WAV file directly to SoundCloud but you wouldn’t have to do this just to avoid losing the quality of your track’s sound. If you upload your track in 360kbps, SoundCloud will still transcode it to 128kbps for listeners to stream but the good side is that the quality of the track’s sound will remain intact.

Steps to Convert Your WAV File

You may have other step-by-step methods for converting your WAV track but the simplest steps are explained below;

  • Insert your WAV track in iTunes
  • Tap ‘edit’ and then click ‘convert’
  • By default, the set-up is in AAC but you’ll have to change it to MP3